Peeling farm fresh hard-boiled eggs has always been easy for me! So I’m sharing my method and hoping that it works for your eggs, too!

Sometimes I wonder if I have magic chickens….

I see a lot of people who struggle with peeling their farm fresh hard boiled eggs. The first several times I heard from people struggling, I though that it was just a fluke.  Then I realized that there is apparently a worldwide epidemic of people who have un-peelable eggs!

Seriously, this boggles me!  I’ve seen a lot of posts about having to steam the eggs, add special things to the water, etc.  I have hardboiled eggs exactly the same way my entire life. This is the way my mom showed me how to hard boil eggs, and my method has never changed! And I’ve never had a problem peeling them! I think in all my years of doing this, I’ve had trouble peeling maybe a total of six or so eggs.  I had no idea that peeling farm fresh hard boiled eggs was such a problem for so many people until recently! My friends told me that they destroyed three dozen eggs trying to peel them for deviled eggs!  Then, one of our egg customer actually asked us if we could sell them the eggs pre-boiled!

Weird, right? So maybe it is the magical chickens. Frankly, I have no idea and I’ve tried very hard to pinpoint what we do differently! I have hard boiled duck eggs – no problem. I’ve hard boiled chicken eggs that weren’t even a day old – no problem. I’ve hard boiled bantam eggs, regular eggs, you name it – no problems!! I even wondered for a while if it was our water. But we have now lived in two different houses that are over an hour’s drive apart and nothing has changed.  Which leads me to believe that it has to be the way I prepare the eggs.  But here’s the thing: the method is SO simple!  No steaming, no vinegar, no magic voodoo – just a pot of boiling water and some beautiful farm fresh eggs!

How to hard boil farm fresh eggs so that they are easy to peel! No steaming, no vinegar and no magic needed!

The video below quickly details how we hard boil our farm fresh eggs. For the video, I chose eggs that were anywhere from a day to week old. There is nothing special in the water – it came straight out of the faucet. I really hope that this method works for everyone else as well as it has worked for us… if not, we can blame it on the magic chickens 😉

Happy homesteading to you all!