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Kaylee Vaughn

A woman in a bright pink long-sleeve shirt, a pink work vest and a blue hat kneels to place paver stones. On her arched back sits a Siamese cat.

Kaylee is the Founder of Rooted Revival.

She has worked as a gardening and landscaping coach and consultant.

Kaylee has a glittering resume! Her qualifications include:

✅Permaculture Design Certification from Oregon State University

✅She is a Gardenary Certified Garden Coach.

Kaylee set up her first one-acre homestead in Idaho. Many of the early blogs on our site record the many challenges and back-breaking work that went into creating it!

There are also many blogs, photos, and videos of her work setting up her current two-acre homestead in the Pacific Northwest.

Kaylee is currently working on creating training programs for our site.

You can see her on Instagram here.