a daily planner that actually fits your homestead life!
A homesteader’s life is…

not easy









It often feels like…

you're rushed for time


you have to do it all at once


you don't know where to start


it's hard to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments that you do have


no one understands your lifestyle

What if there was a system – a philosophy – that helped you plan for the unexpected homestead projects and gave you more time back during the day… most days anyway!
Introducing the Rooted Life Planner + System
The Rooted Life Planner is an undated 12-month daily planning system designed with the homesteader in mind.
Hi I’m Kaylee.

Over the years, my goal has always been to help people create their dream homestead + garden. I want you to be able to start living your best self-sufficient life, right now, right where you are, no matter what life throws at you! 

In talking with so many of you over the years, it became clear to me that there were a few consistent factors keeping people from living their best lives. The primary stumbling block that people kept mentioning?


There’s never enough time to do it all. And, boy, do I feel that struggle, despite so many people asking me how I manage to “do it all”! (The secret: I don’t do it all! But what I do, I do with intention.)

So, I decided that if I truly wanted to help people find a way to turn their homestead dreams into homestead realities, time management skills would be the best way to start! Because we can all learn how to breed a goat, start seeds or fix a fence. But if you can’t manage your time efficiently, none of those skills matter. You will always feel like you are living in pure chaos. And that’s a feeling I think we all would like to avoid!


The Rooted Life Planner is my personal planning system: one that I have developed through years of homesteading when nothing else seemed to work. And I’ve been working slowly for a while now on adapting it to work for a wider group of homesteaders.

But a planner only works if you have a system right? Otherwise it might as well just be a paper weight. (Believe me, I have a STACK of unused planners that I’ve collected over the years!) This planner isn’t going to be like that! It’s going to be your best friend: the “go-everywhere-together-I’m-so-happy-to-see-you” kind of best friend!

That’s why, as a bonus, you get the planner PLUS access to the bootcamp to teach you how to use your planner in real life! Oh, and there’s also a Facebook community where you can gain ideas and inspiration from other homesteaders just like you!


What do I get?

The Rooted Life Planner


12-Month Undated Daily Planner


Monthly Focus & Intention Planning


Monthly Project Planning Pages


Monthly Budget Tracking


Monthly Harvest Tracker


Scribble & Sketch Pages


Weekly Planning Pages


12 Large-scale Project Planning Pages


Lifetime Access to the "Get it Together" Boot Camp (Starts January 1st!)


A video series to help you establish a healthy mindset in relation to work & time management


Learn how to be proactive instead of reactive with your homestead projects


Learn how to better recognize and celebrate your daily wins


Access to the "Rooted Life Planning Community" Facebook Group

Choose from TWO style options!
Take a Look Inside!
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I get?

The Rooted Life Planner is a 318-page professionally printed, spiral-bound 6×9-inch planner with a laminated soft cover. It is undated so you can start using it at any time! You can a get a better look at it above! You will also get lifetime access to the accompanying bootcamp and Facebook community. 

How is this different from the Homestead Management Binder?

Think of the Homestead Management Binder and the Rooted Life Planner as your two homestead BFF’s. They are both here to keep you on track and to help you make the most of your homestead! Unlike the Homestead Management Binder, the Rooted Life Planner comes printed, bound and ready for you to use – there’s no printing or assembly required!

The Rooted Life Planner is specifically designed to help you plan your day-to-day homestead life. The layout is designed to help you stay on track no matter what surprises life has in store. It will assist you learn how to better manage your time in order to reduce that overwhelming feeling that comes with having a lot of big dreams! It’s also a safe place to track and record your homestead progress so you never forget about all the hard work you put into accomplishing your dreams!

Once I've ordered the Rooted Life Planner, how do I access the bootcamp and Facebook group?

Instructions for accessing the bootcamp and Facebook group are included in your printed planner. Once your planner arrives, open it up to the second page and follow the instructions listed. 

I want it now! How long does it take to print and ship?

Each book is custom printed when you order it! Right now, printing is a bit slower than usual due to the pandemic and is taking about 10 business days on average. Normally, it should be about 3-5 days. You can choose your shipping option when you check out. There are different shipping prices, depending on how fast you want it. 

I don't live in the US. Can I still order the Rooted Life Planner?

Yes, you can! Currently, I can ship to anywhere in the US, Canada and Australia. If you live elsewhere, please contact me directly at kaylee @ so that I can calculate shipping for you.

Why do you have so many chickens?

Because I need them. Aaaaaaaalllll of them! And because they are fluffy.

What if I have a different question for you?

Ask away! Feel free to email me at kaylee @ 

Where do you want to go now?

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