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8 Chicken Coop Cover Ideas

Rain and other challenges could make life difficult for your precious little chickens, but a good coop cover will protect them from every problem (like a true savior). So, what are the best ideas for it?

I raise chickens in my backyard and have built a very sturdy coop, too. The coop covers that I prefer are simply amazing! I usually suggest going for a UV sunshade, polyester fabric, mesh panels, vinyl, and a few others. These protect your little birdies from rain, predators, and unexpected problems. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through:

  • 8 chicken coop cover ideas
  • Why these chicken coop covers are the best?

First, here are a few of the chicken coops I’ve created over the years. Here’s the first we built:

chicken coop

And here’s a more recent one I threw together:

Chicken coop mini-house with chicken run outside

But how to cover them? Let’s find out…

1. UV Sunshade

A UV sunshade for your feathery pals can be a game-changer. Its fabric acts as a protective shield against the blazing rays of the sun (in hot weather). 

When the sun’s rays are deflected, the inside of the chicken coop remains comfortably cooler. 

You may know that chickens (like many other species) struggle in extreme heat. This could cause stress, dehydration, and even potential health issues.

By covering them in a sunshade, you’re providing them a cozy haven to beat the heat!

But it’s not just about them; it’s about your benefit, too. A happy, content flock means healthier and more productive chickens, and you’re in business!

2. Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric comes in pretty handy for covering your chicken coop. It’s solid and doesn’t wear and tear too easily. Maintaining it is so easy!

If you’re up to cleaning it, give a quick wipe (with a damp cloth) or grab a spray with the hose, and it’s good to go. Breathability is another feather in the cap of polyester fabric cover. The airflow that it provides is superb. Your chickens get a well-ventilated space without losing any of the protection.

And guess what? This superhero fabric is light and easy to handle. No heavy lifting or struggling with bulky materials. It’s all about simple convenience!

In my opinion, it’s definitely a practical choice for covering your coop.

3. Tarpaulin

Tarpaulin covering a chicken coop

Have you ever heard of a chicken coop wearing a raincoat that never lets a drop through? Well, now you have, and that’s tarpaulin, my friend!

These tarps are simply superb when it comes to keeping your feathery friends dry.


Because they’re waterproof and guard against rain and snow like no other!

There’s more! These tarps may look heavy, but they are not! Trust me, they’re light as a feather. So, no need to flex those muscles or struggle with heavy materials.

The best part? Tarps are budget-friendly buddies. They provide excellent protection without burning a hole in your pocket. 

4. Mesh Panels

Mesh panels work like a magical net that never allows uninvited guests inside the chicken coop! 

These panels are strong and sturdy and form a barrier that says “No entry” to any would-be intruders (Like foxes, raccoons, or curious cats). 

But wait, it’s not just about security! These mesh panels are great for ventilation. It lets the breeze flow through, and that’s how your coop stays fresh and airy. 

The mesh is perfect for letting in the natural light into the coop. This creates a vibrant and cheerful space for your chickens.

I know for sure that sunlight isn’t just a mood lifter (for us human beings). In fact, it’s a mood-boosting tonic for your clucky companions, too. 

5. Vinyl

Let’s talk about vinyl (the heavy-duty chicken coop cover). This material never backs down when harsh weather is a concern! 

Raindrops may try to challenge it. No problem. It emerges as a superhero that laughs in the face of bad weather. Even gusty winds can’t do anything when using vinyl as a chicken coop cover. 

Here’s an interesting bit! Vinyl coop covers are very easy to install (a piece of cake). You just need a couple of DIY tools, and that’s about it! The simplicity and convenience make it a reliable option, and if you ask me, you should give it a chance!

6. Bamboo or Reed Thatch

Bamboo or reed thatch is an eco-friendly way of covering your chicken coop. They grow faster and more abundantly, which makes them a sustainable choice. This means you’re not harming Mother Nature in any way!

And let’s not forget about the looks! Bamboo or reed thatch gives your chicken coop a rustic makeover. When you use these materials as a cover, you instantly get a charming, down-to-earth vibe that feels warm and welcoming.

Also, when you’re planning to go for a new cover, the bamboo and reed thatch can return to the earth without leaving a heavy environmental footprint. 

They are biodegradable and break down normally. It’s like a sustainable cycle where nature gives back what it took.

7. Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheet covering a chicken coop

There couldn’t be a better idea than polycarbonate sheets for covering a chicken coop! Yeah, right! They are transparent shields that let sunlight in while keeping rain and harsh sun at bay.

Your chickens get to enjoy the natural light without stepping outside, and you get to see your feathery friends in all their glory.

Here’s something that you can’t miss! These sheets can act as a bit of a noise buffer. If your coop is in a lively neighborhood, they help muffle external sounds. It’s like providing your chickens with a quieter retreat! 

And I’m sure you would hate it when your chicken coop cover takes a hit by a peck or two from your curious chickens. In that case, you don’t have to worry! Why? Because polycarbonate sheets can easily tolerate this type of beating. 

8. Corrugated Metal Panels

My last suggestion for a solid and durable chicken coop cover is corrugated metal panels. They are lightweight and easy to clean, which makes their maintenance as easy as pie!

If (God forbid) there’s a fire hazard in your chicken coop, these metal panels will stand up against it and protect your feathery residents. 

And that’s not all! These panels are best for long-term use. They pass the test of time and promise a secure home for your clucking companions for years to come. 

Now, let’s talk about the sweet cherry on top – affordability. You can get these panels without breaking the bank. Talk about budgeted quality!

Ending Thoughts!

So here it is. I’ve discussed 8 different ideas for your chicken coop covers. In my opinion, all of these choice are amazing with benefits. 

I believe every single one of these covers keeps your chickens safe and cozy, no matter what’s going on outside.