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12 Euphoric Eucalyptus Smudge Stick Benefits

Eucalyptus is one of the freshest and cleanest smells I know. It smells kinda like honey, and mint, and mildly lemon all mixed into one.

It’s one of the very best smudging ingredients! It smells super clean, and also comes with a range of benefits, including:

  1. Balancing energies
  2. Promotes concentration
  3. Enhances mood
  4. Protection against negative energies
  5. Used for medicinal purposes
  6. Treating coughs and colds
  7. Treating respiratory diseases
  8. Soothing sore throat
  9. Relieving congestion
  10. Improving oral health
  11. eliminates
  12. Symbolizing abundance

In this post, I’ll take a look at all of these fantastic 12 benefits!

Eucalyptus leaf up close

1. Balancing Out Confusing Energies

Spiritually, Eucalyptus’ primary purpose is to balance out negative and confusing energies in your space. Burning it should help restore balance in your space and clear out any dull or adverse feelings you may be sensing.

Additionally, a few studies have concluded that Eucalyptus is an excellent diffuser of anxious thoughts.

Smelling Eucalyptus can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress in the short term.

It’s also why in the pharmacological field, some doctors administer Eucalyptus before operations to allow the patient to calm down. In fact, Eucalyptus is popular in the maternity ward, where mothers use it to relieve labor and delivery-related anxiety.

Not just that, but some doctors prescribe Eucalyptus-based aromatherapy for children preoperatively. The same study showed that it helped the children get through postoperative pains better and with less agony.

So, whether it’s for preoperative surgeries or to calm your mind down after a stressful day, Eucalyptus will help.

2. Promotes Concentration 

On top of reducing stress, Eucalyptus also aids in promoting mental concentration and memory retention.

Since the essential oil helps with stress and fogginess, inhaling Eucalyptus, as such, prevents exhaustion, sluggishness, and fatigue. 

Eucalyptus’ ability to do this could be because it contains high amounts of a compound known as 1,8-cineole, or eucalyptol. Some studies have correlated inhaling this element with improved cognitive abilities. 

For starters, Eucalyptus can help boost your memory’s ability to recall vital information. The smudge stick can increase your focus as well in case you struggle with procrastination or suffer from ADD or ADHD.

Simply put, burning a Eucalyptus smudge stick during exams or while studying should do wonders for your brain. By lowering your stress levels and boosting your memory, Eucalyptus can help you get that A!

3. Enhances Mood

We’ve established that Eucalyptus is great at reducing stress. By extension, that makes the essential oil perfect for enhancing moods or stabilizing them.

Further, did you know that many essential oils, including Eucalyptus, help with mental disorders such as depression and insomnia? 

Studies have found that aromatherapy effectively treats depressive symptoms by calming the mind. Certain essential oils can help the production of serotonin which aids in battling depressive feelings.

Eucalyptus and other essential oils carry out this function after inhalation. By burning a Eucalyptus smudge stick, the relaxing smoke enters your brain through your olfactory system (or nose).

Upon smelling it, neurotransmitters will send a signal to your brain. From there, certain happy and calming hormones, including serotonin, are released into your circulatory system.

4. Protection Against Negative Energies

Traditionally, the Aboriginals considered the Eucalyptus tree as a holy one. 

Due to the formation of the Eucalyptus leaves, the Aboriginals believed that its branch was divided to symbolize three parts. Those are heaven, earth, and the underworld, respectively. 

It could be why they believed that the Eucalyptus plant had protective purposes against negative energies. Some thought it provided spiritual protection and helped promote a nurturing environment.

By burning Eucalyptus, you’re releasing cleansing and purifying air into your surrounding space. Plus, you can keep Eucalyptus in charm bags or spells to help guarantee angel protection and excellent health.

Fun fact:

Eucalyptus in Aboriginal art is a symbol of healing and protection. Many even have a Eucalyptus leaf tattoo as a tribute to their culture and affirmation of their belief in its protective powers.

5. Is Used for Medical Purposes

The Dharawal Indigenous people discovered Eucalyptus and were the first to unlock its full medicinal potential. Among the primary purposes of Eucalyptus in medicine are:

  • Treating coughs and colds
  • Clearing respiratory diseases
  • Soothing sore throat and bronchitis
  • Relieving congestion and runny noses
  • Having anti-inflammatory purposes
  • Improving oral health

Let’s dive into each key point further, shall we?

Eucalyptus plants growing together

6. Treating Coughs and Colds

Treating flu and cold symptoms is one of the common uses of Eucalyptus. Even though you won’t be using its oil form, inhaling Eucalyptus can still help relieve the symptoms.

In fact, Eucalyptus is a main ingredient in many over-the-counter cough and cold medications. Those include lozenges and cough medicine.   

7. Clearing Respiratory Diseases

By extension, burning a Eucalyptus smudge stick can also help clear your lungs if you’re having difficulty breathing due to a medical condition. 

That’s because Eucalyptus suppresses coughs, loosens phlegm, and breaks down mucus. This study showed that it’s just as great as a home remedy for treating asthma and other respiratory issues.  

Further, the study concluded that Eucalyptus can boost your respiratory health and immunity against most respiratory-related diseases.

8. Soothing Sore Throat and Bronchitis

Typically, Eucalyptus infused water is gargled to help soothe sore throats—but inhaling its smoke should help, just wouldn’t be as effective.

That said, some studies show that the Eucalyptus plant has had a direct effect on curing acute bronchitis and sinusitis. Inhaling its fumes should help with coughs caused by mild infections as well.  

9. Relieving Congestion and Runny Noses

As mentioned, fumes from the Eucalyptus plant can aid considerably in clearing out airways blocked by mucus or phlegm. Actually, steam inhalation of Eucalyptus is an excellent way to get rid of a clogged up nose and relieve congestion.

The same goes for burning a Eucalyptus smudge stick and inhaling its healing fumes. One study shows that the plant’s effects are close to that of menthol in opening up your airways.

10. Improving Oral Health

Commonly, you can add Eucalyptus to mouthwashes and other dental products. In fact, you can rub the oil on your teeth and gums to make them healthier and prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria.

Burning Eucalyptus leaves achieves a similar desired result too. Because of the plant’s anti-inflammatory properties, it can help reduce gingivitis and awful breath.

11. Eliminates Exhaustion 

Burning a Eucalyptus smudge stick can gradually help prevent feelings of exhaustion. It does so by improving the blood circulation in your brain, creating a feeling of alertness and contempt. 

We mentioned before that Eucalyptus helps improve multiple cognitive functions, specifically those that are memory and function-related. On top of that fact, studies found that Eucalyptus can aid in fighting off physical and mental fatigue as well. 

You’ll need to deeply inhale the Eucalyptus fumes or practice mindful breathing to benefit from the plant’s soothing properties. In no time, the Eucalyptus should clear up your mental fogginess and help you regain focus as well as mental clarity. 

12. Symbolizes Abundance and Fresh Starts

The Eucalyptus plant is quite special in the Aboriginal culture. It’s deemed a powerful symbol of abundance, strength, and protection.

Currently, burning Eucalyptus can help attract such energies into your life. Performing certain rites or rituals with a Eucalyptus smudge stick might get rid of any negative hindrances in your life—or at least provide you with the clarity needed to overcome them.

Because of its beautiful symbolism, Eucalyptus smudge sticks aren’t just great for you, but also make for excellent housewarming gifts. Eucalyptus signifies new beginnings and helps people that are stuck in a rut as well. 

What Can You Pair Eucalyptus With in a Smudge Stick?

Now that you know the 7 main benefits of using a Eucalyptus smudge stick, let’s look at other pairings and what they can do for you—mentally, physically, and spiritually.  

Eucalyptus PairingsMedicinal PurposesMental PurposesSpiritual Purposes
LavenderReduces pain and inflammation, lowers blood pressure, and calms the nervous system.Releases fear and soothes the mind. Aids with depression and anxiety too.  Opens the heart chakra, brings positive energy, and protects the spirit.
White SageA homemade remedy for relieving common cold symptoms and repelling insects.Improves cognitive functions, fixes mood disorders, and promotes alertness.  Native Americans used it in cleansing rituals and restoring harmonic balance.
RosemaryCures headaches, migraines, and insomnia. Alleviates muscle pain and soreness too. Boosts memory and learning abilities. Reduces feelings of pain or anxiety.Wards off evil spirits and prevents nightmares. Has purifying abilities. Promotes love and protection. 

Wrap Up

Our guide covered the 7 Eucalyptus smudge stick benefits. Those include eliminating exhaustion and boosting concentration. 

Eucalyptus also promotes good health by increasing blood flow, promoting a good night’s sleep, and relieving stress. It helps reduce headaches and congestion as well.

Aside from its multiple purposes, you could try pairing Eucalyptus with lavender, rosemary, or white sage to reap even more benefits.