Kids on the way? Here’s how to stock your goat kidding kit and be prepared for kidding season, including a full list of supplies!

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Kidding season is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking times of the year for any goat owner. It’s actually been several years since we’ve been around kidding, but now that we are building and settling in with our herd and getting all of our outbuildings ready, we will be breeding soon for Winter 2019 babies! I already have jitters of anticipation and nervousness!

One thing that I like to do well in advance is to compile all my kidding supplies into one convenient place. We recently started using 5 gallon buckets to store our first aid supplies and it is a great way to keep everything organized and conveniently stored! (Read more about that here.)

I have been collecting all our kidding supplies and putting them in the bucket so that we will be ready when the time comes! I keep a list of all our kidding supplies on one of my Medical Supply Inventory lists in my Animal Management Binder (get yours here). This list helps ensure I never have to wrack my brain trying to remember what to restock before a new season, and I can make sure I didn’t overlook or forget any supplies.

In addition to our kidding supplies, I also make sure that our regular goat first aid kit is stocked and ready for kidding season.

Goat kids on the way? Get ready for kidding season by stocking a goat kidding kit!

The Basics for Your Goat Kidding Kit:

  • Puppy Potty Pads
  • Towels
  • Paper Towels
  • Baby Wipes
  • Gloves
  • Flashlight and headlamps
  • Scissors
  • Thermometer
  • Suction Bulb (probably won’t need, but is helpful if you ever have to clear nasal passages)
  • 7% Iodine Solution or Chlorohexidine solution (for dipping umbilical cord)
  • Small Container (to dip umbilical cord in)
  • Floss (to tie umbilical cord if needed)
  • OB Lube (by the gallon: buy it here, or 5 oz tube: buy it here)
  • Wormer of choice
  • Penicillin (Pen G)
  • Needles & Syringes
  • Feeding Tube with Syringe (buy it here)
  • Bottles and nipples
  • Jar or other clean container you can milk into (in case you need to milk the doe)
  • Betadine or Povidone Scrub (use to scrub your hands/arms in case you have to “go in” and assist)
  • Bucket of soapy, warm water for washing in
  • Garbage bags (to clean up everything afterwards)
  • Vet and mentor phone number on speed dial

Goat kids on the way? Get ready for kidding season by stocking a goat kidding kit!

For the Birthing Pen:

  • Straw (shavings are like wet baby goat Velcro, so straw is the better choice for birthing stalls)
  • Empty feed bags or large black garbage bags (cut open and laid flat under straw for easy clean up)
  • Baby monitors (optional but so nice to have!)
  • Heat source or “kid hut” for warming kids
  • Warm water, grain and hay for mama goat (remove water bucket once kids are up and walking)

Helpful Supplements:

  • BoSe or Selenium/Vit E Gel or Replamin Gel (if your area is selenium deficient)
    Note: BoSe is prescription only. I prefer Replamin over basic Selenium/Vit E gel because it contains selenium, Vitamin E, cobalt and other minerals (buy it here)
  • NurtiDrench (buy it here)
  • Electrolytes
  • Molasses (add to warm water for mama goat to drink)
  • Honey (Rub on gums for energy)
  • Cayenne (Mix with honey and rub on gums for weak kids or mama goat to increase blood flow)
  • Bananas (Provides energy and vitamins to mama goat)
  • Box of Wine (This is for you, not the goats. You’ll understand why…)

Goat kids on the way? Get ready for kidding season by stocking a goat kidding kit!

Additional Items You May Need If Issues Arise:

  • Ketone Test Strips (to test for pregnancy ketosis)
  • Dextrose or glucose solution or propylene glycol and Probios to treat ketosis
  • CMPK gel (calcium gluconate) to treat hypocalcemia, aka “milk fever”

These are the items that I have initially stocked in my kit. I’m sure I will change or expand the kit as time goes on. I will try to keep this list updated and current as we make those adjustments.

I’d love to hear what you keep in your kidding kit! Let us know in the comments below!

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