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7 Dragon’s Blood Smudge Stick Benefits

Dragon’s Blood is a powerful resin from the fruit of the Daemonorops draco tree, which is usually to cover White Sage to make a smudge stick for various health and spiritual benefits. 

I have used various herbs as natural remedies for my well-being, but few can match the following Dragon’s Blood smudge stick benefits:

  • Protects from negative energy lurking around your office, house, or other spaces. 
  • Purifies spaces for spiritual purposes and cleanse your aura
  • Induces lucid dreaming through its musky fragrance
  • Enhances the intentions to bring clarity 
  • Provides healing effects in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress in the body
  • Creates ambiance and state of focus during mediation 
  • Improves the productivity for your daily workflow to glide efficiently between tasks

I’ll discuss the 7 Dragon’s Blood smudge stick benefits, and explain how it can bring positive energy and purification into your life.

Dragon's blood resin in a bowl on a table with a burner

What Are the Benefits Of Dragon’s Blood Smudge Stick?

The mystical Dragon’s Blood resin smudge stick is traditionally cherished for its unmatched properties, and let me tell you, it brings so much more benefits into your life than you think. 

So, let’s explore all these benefits in a bit of detail!

1. Protection

Dragon’s blood is a real boost to your day!

Ever felt the hunch of negative energy lurking in your yoga studio, home, or office? Well, the pretty powerful duo of dragon’s blood and white sage can save your day (trust me!).

When I light up a dragon’s blood smudge stick, I find that its fragrant smoke pretty much instantly shows its benefits. It makes my surrounding environment feel less dense!

But the whole magic of dragon’s blood does just not stop there (let me assure you). The smoke from it infuses the air with a rich aroma.

For those that believe such things, it also adds a layer of Qi as a shield around you.

Without meaning to get too poetic, like a mystical creature protecting you, dragon’s blood and white sage in a smudge stick work hand in hand to turn your surroundings into a safe space filled with positive energy.

2. Purification and Cleansing

Traditionally, dragon’s blood is used in smudge sticks for purifying the air. That is its big purpose!

It purifies for spiritual purposes and also attracts blessings.

Whether you believe this spiritual side of smudging or not, there are many that do – and I respect them all!

I’ve heard people say that dragon’s blood smudge sticks help purify and cleanse your aura.

Its smoke:

  • Leaves you feeling spiritually refreshed
  • Helps you feel more connected to your inner self

Oh, wait!

On top of all that, dragon’s blood is an invaluable companion for either beginner or professional healers. I have heard them say that it helps them with both spiritual cleansing, and also to enhance their healing abilities.

3. Induce Lucid Dreams

This is a biggie for me!

With a dragon’s blood smudge stick, there are those people out there that believe you can unlock the potential of your brain and get into a lucid dream state.

What does this mean?

Well, lucid dreaming (for the uninitiated) is being present and in control of your dreams. It is a state that is achieved, normally, through lots of practice.

Dragon’s blood helps you to exercise some control over your emotions and surroundings in dreams.

Top tip to achieve this – simply burn the smudge stick, creating that serene environment filled with a slightly amber, dense, and musky fragrance. Feel it wrap gently around you, creating a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious in your mind.

Three Daemonorops draco trees in the desert
The beautiful Daemonorops draco tree (or dragon’s blood tree if you prefer)

4. Enhances Intentions

Dragon’s blood seems to me to act like a magical catalyst when setting intentions is concerned.

It enhances your heartfelt desires! It brings out strength! Clarity!

But that’s not all!

I’ve heard from others that if you have ever lost the love of your life, and want to rekindle the emotions of those precious moments, dragon’s blood is worth a go.

For some, it acts as a guiding light, bringing back calmness and memories of happy moments.

5. Healing Effects

Dragon’s blood in a smudge stick is truly incredible. It holds a real trove of health properties.

I’ve found out while researching this, that dragon’s blood has actually been a go-to remedy in traditional medicine for several centuries.

While using these sticks, I learned they are:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Have anti-oxidant qualities
  • Are beneficial in treating various ailments

When you light up the smudge sticks, anti-inflammatory properties start to soothe your pains and reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

It then acts as a shield, guarding against chronic diseases and paving the way for improved mind and body health. 

These smudge sticks are also helpful in curing impotence and cleaning the blood from any harmful substances. Its antimicrobial properties fight fungi, viruses, and bacteria in your living or working places. 

6. Creates Relaxed Ambiance Meditation

Smudging with Dragon’s Blood stick creates a relaxed ambiance and works like a soothing balm for your weary soul and mind. Whenever I burn these smudge sticks, their smoke and aroma melt away all my stress like snow under the sun. 

Its calming effects untangle all the knots in your mind from a hectic workday and make you feel light as a feather. 

My meditation pals will find Dragon’s Blood smudge sticks as an ultimate ally in mindfulness. The aroma and smoke from the smudge sticks take you into a state of focus and clarity during your transcendental meditation. 

This mystical smudge stick also calms your inner storms of tension and ignites a spark of alertness and focus. So, whether seeking solace in the chaos or striving to deepen your meditation practice, Dragon’s Blood smudge stick is your go-to companion.

7. Improve Workflow

Last but not least, Dragon’s Blood smudge stick has the ability to improve your productivity and creativity in the workflow. 

So when you wake up in the morning and even a cup of strong coffee can’t motivate you enough to complete the workload for the day, take my advice, buddies! 

Smudge your surroundings with these Dragon’s Blood sticks whenever you need a burst of energy during intense study or work hours. The aroma from the sticks will act like a secret weapon to freshen and open up your mind to tackle projects with newfound zeal. 

Wrapping Up!

From my experience with burning the Dragon’s Blood smudge stick and some deep research, I’ve listed these 7 benefits to enlighten you of its spiritual and other properties. 

Remember, the power is in your hands, and you can experiment and burn other herbs with these smudge sticks to create more magic. I hope your smudging journey is filled with harmony, positive energy, mindfulness, and spiritual growth!


  • Kaylee Vaughn

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