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Best 7 Easy To Clean Chicken Coop Floors (Ranked)

Choosing the right chicken coop floor (that’s easy to clean) is very important for the health and happiness of your feathered friends. But what could be your best options? 

I’m very fond of raising chickens, and this hobby is also a good side hustle for me! With years of experience in my pocket, I know everything about the best chicken coop floors that will hardly take a few minutes to get all crystal clean. I suggest you go for concrete flooring. Otherwise, rubber tiles/mats would be just perfect, too. 

You can also consider the following options:

  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Wire Mesh Flooring
  • Epoxy Coating on Concrete

Today, I’ll discuss in my article:

  • 7 best and easiest to clean chicken coop floors (Ranked in order)
  • How do I keep my chicken coop floor clean?

1. Concrete Flooring

concrete on floor of chicken coop

Concrete is the superhero of chicken coop floors because it’s a breeze to clean. 

The surface stands tall against all the mess that your little chickens make! And when it’s time to clean up, you don’t have to do much. Just grab a hose, turn it on, and the water will magically wash away the dirt. 

Your concrete chicken coop floor will become (once again) all shiny and dazzling like new! 

But here’s the thing: Concrete can be a bit hard on your feathered friends’ feet. They might not feel comfortable walking on it all the time. 

2. Rubber Tiles/Mats

The second-ranked chicken coop floor option on my list is rubber tiles/mats. They’re soft, comfy, and absolutely easy peasy to clean up. 

If there are any droppings, all you need to do is pick a broom, and with just a few sweeps, the floor will look spick and span.

Oh wait, I’ve got more! When you’re in for some deep cleaning, those rubber mats or tiles will never give you a hard time. Just lift them up, give them a good scrub (if needed), and let the coop floor underneath enjoy a thorough cleaning, too (with a broom or a hose). 

3. Vinyl Flooring

Among all the different chicken coop floors, vinyl flooring stands out! Here’s why: It’s resistant against stains. 

So, when your chickens make a mess, you can quickly sweep or mop the vinyl surface, and you’ll hardly see a single spot. 

Even when things get out of hand (chickens going crazy with poop), you can wipe its surface with a damp cloth or sponge, and voila – it’s back to being squeaky clean and shiny. 

But, a little warning: Chickens are curious birds and might peck at loose bits of vinyl flooring (if there are any). So, make sure there’s nothing for them to nibble on, and you’re good to go!

4. Wire Mesh Flooring

wire mesh floor of chicken coop

Wire mesh flooring for the chicken coop is like having a built-in cleaning assistant (right under the chickens’ feet). 

The best part? Droppings can fall through the mesh and go to a particular area below it! No more daily scoop-and-sweep routines. The wired floor takes care of the mess for you. 

The coop becomes a sort of self-cleaning paradise, and who wouldn’t want that for their feathered friends?

To clean the area below the mesh, you can use high-pressure water and wash the dirt away. It’s pretty easy and doesn’t take a lot of your time. 

After all the positives, here’s the thing to keep in mind. The wired mesh may be a bit uncomfortable for the delicate feet of your chickens. 

5. Epoxy Coating on Concrete

I’ve ranked epoxy coating on concrete as the 5th best chicken coop floor, and I’ve got my reasons for it. The dirt and droppings don’t stand a chance against such a sealed surface, and you can easily sweep or wipe the floor. 

Now, let’s talk durability. It adds a layer of protection to the concrete and makes it sturdy for a long period of time (which means NO financial worries). So, even with all the fun your chickens have here, the floor will remain in its shape. 

But here’s the plot twist: Applying epoxy can be a bit of a difficult DIY project that needs some extreme attention (or maybe a professional’s help). 

Let’s get back to cleaning! To keep this epoxy-coated concrete floor looking new, use a detergent (a mild one) or a floor cleaner mixed with water, and your chickens will thank you (well, in their own clucking way)!

6. Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum flooring is the unsung hero of chicken coop! Trust me, cleaning it is child’s play, and you get it done more quickly than you can even imagine. It all takes a gentle mop, and that’s it. 

Also, it repels moisture very nicely.

So, when there’s heavy rain or your chickens have spilled something, linoleum will act as a barrier, and the liquid will splash away. It won’t seep through or cause any trouble to the little heaven of your feathered friends.

But wait, there’s more to this linoleum magic! You can get this flooring in a variety of colors and patterns. They add a touch of style to your chicken coop. 

It’s like giving your feathery pals a chance to live in a fantasy world with beautiful aesthetics. 

7. Hardened Plastic

The number 7th on my list is a hardened plastic floor for your chicken coop. It’s as easy to clean as wiping down a kitchen counter. 

Just grab a hose, and you’re in business. After washing with it, you can pour some soapy liquid on the surface and again use the hose to make it super sparkling! Do you know what else I love about this floor? It’s super durable, meaning it can handle all the scratching and pecking. Also, it’s very gentle on the little feet of your chicken. They will feel like strolling on a smooth garden path.

On a side note, direct sunlight can be a bit harsh for hardened plastic. So, you need to make sure you save it from direct sun exposure. 

Ending Note!

That’s about it, folks! I’ve ranked the 7 best chicken coop floors that are very easy to clean.

Now, it’s decision time. Choose the one that fits your coop and style, and treat your chickens to a superb living space where they can have all the fun!