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8 Reasons Why Celebrity Tomatoes Are Good for Canning

If you’re a big fan of celebrity tomatoes and crave them all winter, you may want to preserve them. But is canning even good (or recommended) for this variety?

I’ve been preserving several varieties of tomatoes for most of my life. That’s why I can assure you that celebrity tomatoes are excellent for canning. They are high in acid, which means the canning will have more chances of being successful to enjoy them for a very long time. 

Wait, there’s more to the story! The similar size of these tomatoes is quite helpful, too. They all fit in the jars together happily and nicely. 

Below, I’ll reveal:

  • 8 reasons why celebrity tomatoes are good for canning.
  • Why the celebrity tomatoes are the best pick for this purpose? 
Celebrity tomatoes hanging on vines in a greenhouse

1. High Acidity

Celebrity tomatoes are highly acidic. It acts as a natural protector, stops harmful bacteria from growing in them, and plays a huge role in successful canning. 

But hey! I’m not done yet. The acidity also adds a zesty and tangy flavor to these tomatoes that hoist the flavor of all your dishes.

Also, when you can tomatoes, they go through a process of getting heated up and sealed in a jar. This can sometimes make them a bit mushy. But, the high acid content in celebrity tomatoes ensures they stay firm.

So, when you pop open a jar of these canned tomatoes, you will fall in love with them by their looks!

2. Uniform Size

If you get tomatoes of uneven sizes, it (definitely) gets very tricky to put them all neatly into the canning jars, right? Well, here’s a kicker! Celebrity tomatoes make things super easy for you because they grow in a uniform size. 

That means when you’re canning celebrity tomatoes, they fit into the jars in a nice, orderly way (It’s like they were all made to fit perfectly together)

The whole canning process becomes much smoother, and the tomatoes cook evenly. This way, you are able to use them in dishes just the way you like. 

3. Tasty Flavor That Stays

Celebrity tomatoes are known for their perfect flavor (Not too strong, not too bland). A striking balance that you simply can’t resist! Now, why does this matter for canning?

The wonderful flavor doesn’t disappear. It stays right there in the jar. 

Whether you’re making spaghetti sauce, hearty soups, or savory stews, canned celebrity tomatoes bring that rich, well-balanced flavor to the party. 

4. Protection Against Diseases

When you’re growing tomatoes (Or any other crop for that matter), diseases can destroy your beloved plants. But not to worry. Celebrity tomatoes have a special superpower to save your precious harvest.

They have pretty hard skin compared to some other tomato types. It’s not so easy to pierce or break through it. This toughness is due to their unique genetics and growing conditions.

How does this help? The skin is a natural protector. It keeps your celebrity tomatoes safe from many harmful things (Like bugs, weeds, extreme temperatures, and many more). This is a big advantage when you’re canning them. 

So, when you open a can of celebrity tomatoes later on, you will find them in good health, all thanks to their tough, protective skin.

5. Even Ripening

If you’ve got a bunch of tomatoes for canning, and they all ripen at different times, you’re in for some big trouble here! Some might be super ripe, some just right, and some still too green. You will be juggling with which one to use. 

Here, celebrity tomatoes have got your back! They tend to ripen all at the same time and in a similar way. It feels like they’re following the same growing schedule. 

When you’re canning, you want all your tomatoes to be at the same stage of ripeness. This makes your canned goods taste better and cook evenly. 

It will be very bad if some of them in your jars turn out to be super soft and others are still hard. It kills the whole purpose of canning, correct? 

6. Productive Yield

Some tomato plants don’t give you many fruits. But not celebrity tomatoes! 

When you want to can tomatoes, you need quite a few of them. You don’t want to run out too quickly. That’s why celebrity tomato plants are awesome because they are very generous and give you a big pile to work with.

7. Cost-Effective

Celebrity tomatoes are determinate plants (Ones that produce a set of fruit over a relatively short period). This means you can pick a lot of tomatoes all at once in just a few weeks. 

And you don’t have to keep checking and taking care of the plants all season long.

Five celebrity tomatoes and four cans of canned tomatoes on a table-top

Now, why is this such a money-saver? These tomatoes use fewer resources (Space, water, and fertilizer). This is a big deal because it makes canning tomatoes quite affordable. You can grow and can them without breaking the bank. 

8. Adaptability to Different Environments

Celebrity tomatoes are tough survivors! They can grow in many different places, even in areas where the weather conditions are not optimal. 

They thrive in the regions where there is less rain. They don’t need as much water as some other plants. 

Some places have a lot of humidity (Which means the air feels heavy with moisture). These tomatoes can handle this, too. They don’t mind the wetness in the air and keep flourishing despite all the bad things!

On top of that, these tomatoes can stand up to the wet conditions like a boss! This adaptability makes it easier for people in different regions to grow this variety. 

It means more and more people can enjoy canning their own delicious celebrity tomatoes (No matter where they live).

Final Thoughts!

In this read, I’ve revealed 8 reasons why celebrity tomatoes are good for canning. These tomatoes bring a lot to the table when it comes to preserving your own delicious, homegrown produce.

Their exceptional flavor, disease resistance, and adaptability to different environments convince you to select them for canning.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to fill your pantry with this delicious, home-canned treasure.