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8 Crafts To Sell At A Farmers Market

A farmers market is a great place to show your creativity and fill your pocket by selling various handmade crafts. But what could those precious items be? (That sell like hot cakes.) 

Having been a familiar face at the farmers’ market of my locality, I have sold a lot of arts and crafts here. My experience says that handmade goodies (which are useful in real life) are the big-time crowd-pleasers.

And what’s the joy behind all of this? Fulfilling your hobby and, of course, the profits that come with each sale.

A few examples of some crafts you can sell at a farmers market are: 

  • Scented Candles
  • Wooden Wall Art
  • Hand-Painted Plant Pots
  • Bath Bombs, and so many more!

In this read, I’ll discuss with you:

  • 8 crafts you can sell at any farmers market
  • The real purpose for selling these items
Crowds walking around at a farmer's market

1. Scented Candles

In my case, scented candles do amazingly well at the farmers market! 

Why? Because they have this magical way of triggering old but special memories.

The hint of lavender may remind someone of their grandma’s garden, or the cinnamon-spiced scent may bring back the festivities of Christmas. 

Your customers will be buying candles, and at the same time, they’ll be investing in a moment.

Each candle gives them a unique experience: they’ll be bringing nature’s goodness into their homes and adding a touch of magic to their everyday moments!

Scented candles; that’s a powerful sell, my friends!

2. Wooden Wall Art

Wooden wall art is perfect for displaying and selling at a farmers market. It brings a natural, earthy vibe and stands out in between a bunch of fruits and veggies. 

Why is it a good idea, you may ask? Well, people love discovering one-of-a-kind items, and your wooden wall art can be just that. 

Also, your craft could suit various styles and make it appealing to a broad audience with different tastes!

And let’s talk about its affordability! It’s that little treat people can snag without breaking their banks (More people buying means more money).

3. Hand-Painted Plant Pots

Hand-made plant pots and the farmers markets go hand in hand because they’re a natural fit. The people who come to such places are already thinking of all garden-related stuff (Such as plants, fertilizers, flowers, etc). That’s why they’re a hot-selling product.

Also, hand-painted are one of a kind. You’ll probably never be able to replicate two pots at the same time exactly (Well, sometimes, you might).

And guess what?

It’s practical, too. These pots make gardening easy for everyone (Even for those who only have access to a limited space). 

A balcony or a tiny apartment can instantly become a colorful mini garden, all thanks to your hand-painted plant pots!

4. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs bring a bit of luxury to the farmers market scene. People who come to such places also crave a splash of relaxation because of all the tiredness. And let me be very clear. Everyone deserves some me-time!

Interestingly, bath bombs make shower time way more fun and offer them something extra. 

Trust me, this craft could be an instant hit for you and can help you make some solid money. You can make many different varieties of bath bombs and impress everyone around at the farmers’ market. Some of these can be like:

  • Lavender for calm vibes
  • Citrus for freshness
  • Vanilla for sweetness.

5. Hand-Stitched Pillows

Who doesn’t love a super comfy pillow after a day of hard work? I am pretty sure everyone does! So, selling these in a farmer’s market can turn out to be your best decision.

If I have to be completely honest with you, I’ll say that your handcrafted pillows are not just about comfort. In fact, they carry your story!

In a farmers market setting (Where the community values local talent), your pillows become more than mere products on display. They showcase your excellent craftsmanship and dedication to all the people who have come and want to buy something that nowhere else is available. 

6. Customized Greeting Cards

Occasions are always right around the corner, and people often forget about them. But you can offer them the same by selling customized greeting cards at your local farmers market. 

So, whenever someone’s at the market and grabbing some fresh veggies, and suddenly, they remember there’s a birthday (Or anniversary) around the corner, your cards will be right there to save their day. No sweat! 

And here’s the cool part! You can create a number of designs, and people get to pick the one that clicks with them the most and adds a personal touch to the entire occasion. Your craft becomes the storyteller of their precious moments!

7. Wooden Coasters

If you’ve got a saw just hanging around, you can craft amazing wooden coasters and sell them at the farmers market.

All you need are some spare pieces of wood, a bit of sandpaper (To smooth things out), and some ribbon or twine to add a finishing touch, and voila, you’re all set!

These wooden coasters are very easy to make and pretty cost-effective, too!

That’s why I would suggest that you craft a bunch of these.

Here’s the interesting bit: Farmers’ markets are all about variety, and your customizable wooden coasters fit right into the vibe. People love unique finds, and your creation is sure to turn heads. So, never stop at one only!

8. Clothing

Selling clothes at a farmers’ market is a sure-shot winner idea, to be fair! And you have the freedom to offer so much to your customers (from comfy T-shirts to stylish dresses and whatnot). 

Now you’ve got two options. Either craft your own clothing range or give a second life to thrift treasures with your personal touch. 

You can go for embroidery or cross-stitching and make your own fashion statement to stand out in the crowd.

And here’s a neat trick! Narrow down your focus. For example, start with children’s clothing and slowly move towards adults (Or vice versa). Otherwise, if you’re confident, you can go all in! Totally your call. 

Ending Thoughts!

And that wraps it up! I’ve shared 8 awesome and simple crafts that you can sell at a farmers market. All of them can help you make not just money but also give you a blast of joy while preparing them.

So you should do it! Just imagine the smiles of people when they pick up your handmade treasures and bring home your creativity!