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2021 Gift Guide: Gifts for Homesteaders & Gardeners!

Looking for some perfect gifts for homesteaders & gardeners? This guide is for you! It features my favorite tried & true products – from seeds and work gear to educational courses!

These are a few of my favorite things….!

Every year I tell myself that I’m going to put out a gift guide of all my favorite things. And, after 6 years of blogging, I finally did it! So, savor it because it might be another 6 years before I do it again!

Three presents sit on a wood floor. The presents are wrapped in feed bags and tied with Christmas ribbon

Since we all know what a gift guide is, we’re going to jump right in to this giant list of all the things I personally use and love!

I was going to include even more! But I really tried to narrow it down to my absolute favorite things and the things that have had the best impact on my life. Everything on this list is something that I truly think will be enjoyable and useful for any gardener or homesteader!

This gift guide is broken into the following sections:

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. That means that I will earn a small commission (at no expense to you) if you purchase an item. Some of the links aren’t affiliate links. But I can guarantee that everything listed here is 100% on my list for Santa! Here is my full affiliate disclosure so the lawyer elves don’t sue me.

Work Gear Gifts for Homesteaders & Gardeners

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong gear.”

If there’s one single thing you can do to make working around the homestead and garden more enjoyable, it’s getting the right gear! So, while socks and sweaters get a bad rap at Christmastime, don’t overlook the cheer that comes with good, high quality outdoor clothes and gear!

Here are my absolute must-have’s:

Carhartt vest:

This vest is probably my most-worn piece of clothing/gear. It’s the perfect weight for doing farm chores. It keeps you warm without overheating. Like all Carhartt gear, it will last you absolutely forever, it’s incredibly durable and super washable.

A woman in a bright pink long-sleeve shirt, a pink work vest and a blue hat kneels to place paver stones. On her arched back sits a Siamese cat.

Carhartt work coat:

This jacket is my second most-worn piece of work gear right behind the vest. It’s heavier than the vest and a bit bulkier. But if you need to stay warm and dry, this is a must-have. It’s your classic style Carhartt coat. Super cozy, durable and washable. On extra cold days (especially when we lived in Idaho) I doubled up with the coat and the vest – it’s so toasty!  

A woman in a heavy light blue work coat and pink woven beanie kisses a chestnut haflinger horse and holds up a small card reading "I clucking love you"

Anything Carhartt:

I’m not obsessed; you’re obsessed! Okay, maybe I’m obsessed. But, can you go wrong?! I think not! Also, have I mentioned that they make leggings now?!!! (I’m not affiliated with Carhartt. But I wear pretty much everything they make. So if anyone reading this happens to work for Carhartt and you need a new spokeswoman: I’m down for that! Just throwing it out there – always worth a shot!)

Waterproof insulated work gloves:

Keep those fingers warm! A good pair of insulated work gloves makes a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer! And, yes, Carhartt does have some amazing ones! I had these Carhartt gloves all through college (vet tech school) and I still miss them!

Ariat waterproof boots:

My Fatbaby All Weather Waterproof Boots are the best boots I’ve ever purchased. That’s why you see me wearing them in every single picture I ever take (including the one above with the kitty on my back). They are almost 6 years old now and still work like the first day I got them and hold up the wet, cold winters of the Pacific Northwest. They are the only boots that actually keep my feet warm and dry. Plus they have dang comfy soles and a nice walking heel for daily work.

Hisea Mid-Calf Rain Boots:

New to my list of favorite things this year are the Hisea Mid-Calf Rain Boots. The company was nice enough to send me some to try. I’m super skeptical about most rain boots because they just don’t hold up and aren’t comfortable enough for me to work in every day. These changed my mind! Omg they are so comfy! They are easy to spray off and have a super nice tread so I don’t fall on my face while working in the mud and muck! Probably the only rain boots that I’ll buy from now on, to be honest. (Psst: they have these in a chicken print too!)

A woman's feet stand in front of a compost pile. She is wearing plaid rain boots. A pitchfork is positioned next to her feet.

Duluth Trading Gardener’s Vest:

This gardener’s utility vest was a fun purchase I made this year! It’s basically like a fly fisherman’s vest but adapted slightly for gardeners. If you are like me and drag a million things out to the garden and then can’t find any of it, this vest is a lifesaver! It has tons of pockets – so now the only problem I have is remembering which pocket I put everything in! 

Garden Help Gifts: Coaching & Custom Designs!

Well, we all knew that I had to throw in some of my own products and services! Did you know that I offer a wide variety of services to help you create your own dream homestead and garden?

Here’s the scoop:

One-on-one garden coaching:

Have you ever just needed a knowledgable gardener to talk things through with? I started coaching because this is exactly what was missing when I started gardening and homesteading. And I made aaaaall the mistakes as I fumbled along. Gardeners need mentors! And that’s exactly what one-on-one coaching is for!

I offer a variety of options, including single sessions, a 5-pack of sessions you can use whenever you want, and a season-long coaching package where we meet regularly all season from May through October. Virtual coaching is the most popular option, but I also offer in person coaching if you are located in the South Sound region of Washington State. Email me for more info: [email protected]

Two sheets of paper lay on a wooden surface. The top sheet has a design of a vegetable garden with marked plants. The bottom sheet has text about the various plants.

Vegetable Garden Planting Plans:

Are you mystified by exactly where and how to plant your vegetable garden? It can be a lot to try to figure out! What if someone could do all that work for you and you could just have fun planting instead? That’s what a planting plan is for! I create vegetable garden planting plans custom to your garden size, shape and orientation using a polyculture (companion) planting method. You’ll receive a hand-drawn plan along with a complete break-down of how and what to plant! Email me for details: [email protected]

Three images feature different landscape garden designs

Custom Garden Designs:

Do you have a special garden project in mind but need some help with the design? Whether it’s an entire kitchen garden design, a design for a special planting bed, or even a fruit tree guild, I can help! Custom planting plans are created to bring your vision to life – and create a clear plan for you so you can make it happen! Email me for details: [email protected]

Seeds, Plants & More!

You honestly can’t go wrong with plants and seeds when it comes to gifting! Even if your special someone already has a giant stockpile of seeds, I guarantee that they won’t mind more!  Heck, I’m still trying to figure out why seed advent calendars aren’t a thing! What gardener wouldn’t want to unwrap a new seed pack each day leading up to Christmas?! And, don’t forget the plants!

Here are some of my favorites:

Small bioregional seed producers:

Go small (and local!) this year! Nothing is quite as important as preserving landrace and bioregional plant species! These are species that have naturally adapted to a certain climate over generations and generations. If you know of small regional seed producers in your area, try purchasing seeds for gifts from them before moving on to bigger producers. 

Many seed packets are arranged into two long horizontal rows.


If you want to give your special someone a fun gift of seeds, check out SeedsNow. They have dollar sampler packs so you can get a huge variety of seeds to try out! They also have seed banks and fun variety packs like chicken garden packs, hydroponic packs, herb packs and more! All their seeds are open pollinated and non-GMO! Click here to check it out and use the code SAVE10NOW to get 10% off your first order!

True Leaf Market:

Another great place to shop for non-GMO seeds and gifts is True Leaf Market. They have tons of seeds to choose from and they also have special starter sets and seed collections. Plus, if you need growing equipment – they have it! Check out their microgreen and sprouting equipment along with their huge variety of trays and even grow lights! Click here to get $5 off at check out!

Planted Places Memberships, Plant Gifts & More:

You’ve probably heard me talking about Planted Places, the woman-run gardening business that I partner with! Their mission is to make gardening more accessible to everyone and to do it in healthy living soil! They are an amazing group of people and I’m so lucky to work with them as their garden educator to help members learn even more about growing their own food!

If you want to take the guesswork out of gardening, this is the perfect gift! They have monthly memberships (because who doesn’t want plants mailed to them every month?!) along with different types of garden kits! They even have a vertical growing wall if someone has been extra good this year – seriously, I love mine! Check out their holiday gift guide for all the goodies!

A split image: on the left, a woman sits on steps and holds a black felt pot with a large lettuce plant. On the right, the woman stands next to a vertical garden wall full of plants.

Pre-Order Plants:

Many nurseries and growers are already open for pre-orders for 2022 plants! In fact, I may have already spent several hundred dollars on plants that won’t even be ready until March! But the anticipation is part of the fun! Perennial plants, fruit trees, bulbs and many other plants can be ordered now! Check out Raintree Nursery if you aren’t sure where to start! Because nothing says “I love you” like a flowering quince! 

Seed Saver’s Exchange Membership:

If you aren’t sure what plants or seeds your special someone needs, why not give them a membership to the Seed Savers Exchange? Membership gives them access to amazing heirloom seeds and helps ensure that seed diversity is protected. Memberships are discounted through December 25 for perfect gifting! Click here to learn more!

Educational Gifts for Homesteaders & Gardeners

There is no better way to invest in yourself, in the ones you love and in your homestead and garden development than with education! I cannot stress this enough! I positively would not be where I am today if I hadn’t invested in proper education early on. And I still invest regularly in books, workshops and courses from qualified professionals in the permaculture and garden world. 

If you are looking for some amazing courses to gift yourself or your loved ones to help them grow their skills, I recommend:

Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine:

This school changed my life! Shortly into our homestead journey, I jumped into the 2.5 year Herbal Immersion course and WOW! The sheer amount of knowledge that I gained from it is mind-blowing! And it isn’t just about herbs – they cover the entire process, from creating healthy living soil to seed starting and even marketing your products. I can’t recommend this course enough. And if 2.5 years is too much for you, they do offer a few other smaller programs. All courses are 100% online. As a former student, I have an affiliate code you can use for 10% off. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested or if you just have more questions. 

Permaculture Design Certification:

This is the other life-changing course that I’ve taken over the years. I took my PDC online from Oregon State University. It’s an amazing (and intense!) program that will take your design skills to the next level. If you have questions about it or how it works, feel free to email me ([email protected]).

A split image: on the left, a computer sits open next to a floral notebook and a book title "Gardening in the Pacific Northwest". On the right, a book title "Practical Permaculture" sits on an ornate wood carved table.

Charles Dowding’s No-Till Workshops:

Charles Dowding is one of the world’s most recognized gardeners in the no-till movement. And, luckily for all of us, he’s sharing his decades of knowledge through his online courses! I recently purchased these and have been working through them just to further expand my knowledge and freshen up my no-till skills! The courses are very manageable and applicable. They are perfect for the new or experienced gardener alike who wants to further their knowledge of no-till gardening. Click here to check out all of Charles Dowding’s courses!


You can never go wrong with a good book about gardening, homesteading, animal care, permaculture and herbalism! Here are some of my favorite books that I’ve read this year (and a few of my fav go-to’s!):

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