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Useful Garden Gifts for Every Budget!

Looking for thoughtful and useful garden gifts for the plant lovers in your life? Here are some of my personal favorite items for every budget – perfect for gifting or keeping for yourself!

Ready or not – the holiday season is upon us! And, for many of us, that means that the gifting season has also arrived.

While it’s a ton of fun to give gifts to our dearest friends and family, the holidays can also feel a little overwhelming sometimes. So, while we are going to talk about gifts today, remember that your presence is the best gift you can give anyone this year! Check out this post for tips to keep the holidays simple and intentional!

When it comes to gifts, I’m a huge fan of homemade gifts. I believe that even the simplest gift, when made with love, becomes something very special! A treasured homemade gift could be a yummy treat (like this salted pumpkin hot chocolate mix), plant clippings or even handmade decor (like this wreath you can make with canning jar rings).

When it comes to gifting, it really is the thought that matters most! And, while homemade gifts are wonderful, there are also some really great products that can still be thoughtful and useful gifts!

Useful Garden Gifts that are Gardener Tested & Approved!

If you are looking for gifts for a loved one (or creating a list for yourself!), these items are perfect for any garden lover!

These are items that I personally use and love!

As a large-scale gardener myself, I wanted to create a gift guide for real people who really garden! I included only the items that I’ve used and thoroughly enjoyed over the years. These are items that have made my life as a gardener a little easier.

I’ve arranged these garden gifts into categories to fit every budget! So whether you are looking for some stocking stuffers or a big ticket item to impress the gardener in your life, I’ve got you covered!

So let’s dive in! You can click on any of the product images below to shop the item. You can also check out my 2024 Gift Guide for even more ideas!

**Many of the photos and links in this post are affiliate links. That means that I will earn a small commission (at no expense to you) if you purchase an item. Here is my full affiliate disclosure so the lawyer elves don’t sue me.**

Garden Gifts Under $20

**Click on any of the below product images to shop the item**

1. Seed Saving Envelopes

Looking for an easy stocking stuffer or filler gift? Seed saving envelopes are the perfect addition to any gardener’s supply stash! I use a mix of mylar bags and paper envelopes, but these craft paper envelopes are my favorite. They allow for better moisture absorption than plastic or mylar, which helps reduce the risk of seed spoilage from mold or mildew. You can also decorate or stamp them – making them perfect for seed swaps. They pair perfectly with the custom logo stamp listed in the “Gifts Under $50” section.

2. Terra-Cotta Watering Spikes

These are a fun item that I purchased for my potted greenhouse plants this year! These terra-cotta plant spikes turn any bottle into a drip watering system for your plants! Pair these with a nice bottle of wine and you have a winning gift for any boozy garden lover!

3. Garden Tool Belt

This was a new item I splurged on this year and it was so worth it! I actually bought three different garden tool belts to test and this one was my favorite! It’s light weight but durable. It can fit my essential tools (pens, pruners, spade, gloves), phone and even a full-sized water bottle! It’s truly a life-saver for gardeners like myself who are constantly misplacing their tools and supplies while working in the garden!

4. Potting Mat

I just discovered potting mats this year and I don’t know why I didn’t use them sooner! Whether I’m potting up in the greenhouse, indoors with houseplants or even outside in the garden, these mats majorly help contain the mess! They also help reduce the amount of spilled or lost soil.

While you could certainly use a tarp, these actual potting mats just make life easier since the edges fold up! The extra large potting mat pictured above is my favorite for potting up and planting seedlings along with a variety of other planting projects!

5. Seeds & Bulbs

Can you have too many seeds? Absolutely not! I don’t know a single gardener who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive more seeds or bulbs for Christmas! If you aren’t sure what to buy, check out the sampler packs from SeedsNow! They are smaller-sized seed packs that allow you to try out different organic heirloom seed varieties for only a few dollars per pack! A perfect stocking stuffer, if you ask me!

6. Braiding Sweetgrass and other books for gardeners

Books are a gardener’s best friend during the winter! One of my must-read books for all gardeners is the New York Time’s Best-Seller, Braiding Sweetgrass. Author Robin Wall Kimmerer shares stories of botany mixed with indigenous wisdom in a way that will stir every nature-lover’s soul! (Check my 2024 Gift Guide for more great books!)

7. Fiskars Bypass Pruning Shears

Finding a good, durable pair of shears is a never-ending quest for most gardeners! And, let’s face it – can you have too many shears?! Over the years, I’ve really grown fond of Fiskars Bypass Pruning Shears. I like that they don’t have a spring mechanism which always seems to break for me. I only sharpen mine about once every year or so and they stay relatively sharp despite all the abuse I put them through!

Garden Gifts Under $50

**Click on any of the below product images to shop the item**

1. Liquid Worm Casting Tea

If there’s a gardener in your life, give them some worm castings and watch their garden flourish! They are probably the most important organic amendment that I use in my garden! Worm castings have shown amazing results in field trials (See Cornell University’s studies here) to boost overall plant and soil health, disease resistance and pest resistance.

VermisTerra is my go-to for all things worm castings! They are a 3-generation family-run organization that creates organic-certified vermicompost from produce waste. I’ve been really lucky to work with them over the past two years and I couldn’t be more impressed with their products and passion!

I use VermisTerra’s worm castings as my primary fertilizer. It’s super fine and easy to mix into the soil, both in the garden and in potted plants. I also love their compost teas! You can mix with water and water directly into the soil, making application super easy! Finally, their Vitality product (super condensed liquid form of castings), is my favorite way to give any drooping plant a boost and to fertilize my house plants!

Click here to shop and use code ROOTEDREVIVAL for 10% off your order and free shipping!

2. Protective Gardening Sleeves

These protective gardening sleeves from Farmer’s Defense are a major game changer! As someone who has intense skin allergies, I usually have to garden in long sleeves. But not anymore! These sleeves actually stay up and they somehow magically cool you off instead of making you hotter! They are amazing – especially when you are elbow-deep in squash plants and itchy tomato vines!

Click here or use code ROOTEDREVIVALHOMESTEAD at checkout for 10% off!

3. Waterproof Garden Boots

HISEA are by far my favorite work boots! I wear their mid-calf barn boots every single day on the homestead. And this year, they sent me their mid-calf rubber garden boots to try out. And I was impressed! They are light-weight, easy to slip on/off, and not nearly as hot and sweaty as other waterproof rubber boots. Plus, the sole is so squishy! And I really love how they roll down to reveal this cute flower print! They will definitely be a winning gift for any gardener – their feet will thank you, too!

4. Super-Durable GIANT (200 gallon) Felt Grow Bags

This spring, we created a large secondary garden space. While we knew we wanted some new raised beds, we weren’t sure exactly how we wanted the space to look long-term. But we knew we needed some growing space ASAP! Our solution: these giant 200 gallon felt grow bags from Bootrstap Farmer!

Bootstrap Farmer has a variety of sizes of felt grow bags along with other products like hoop houses. I love all of their products – they are incredibly durable and long-lasting! These grow bags were no exception! Grow bags are a great gift no matter what size you choose to give the lucky recipient extra growing space!

5. LED Full-Spectrum Grow Lights

I’ve been using these grow lights in my seed starting cabinet for almost 5 years now! The lights are full-spectrum and LED so they don’t suck energy, even when they are on all day. The light panels can be mounted or hung from the included suspension wires so that you can easily raise and lower them as your seedlings grow. These are also great for indoor house plants that need supplemental light!

6. Personalized Logo Stamp

If the lucky person on your gift list has a logo or name for their homestead or garden, a personalized logo stamp will make them ecstatic! I finally splurged and got one two years ago and I love it! I use it to stamp all of my seed envelopes – creating the perfect seed packet for seed swaps! It makes a great stocking stuffer or personal gift for anyone who’s proud of the homestead/garden they’re building!

7. Manual Twist Tiller (Garden Claw)

If you know a gardener who is constantly struggling with weeds or crabgrass in their garden space, get them this tool! Over the past year, we’ve converted a lot of grassy ground into perennial bed space using the sheet mulching technique. It’s been an incredible process but we have a substantial amount of crabgrass that grows back. I used to hand pull it, and it would break off the roots and regrow. Ugh! Then I started using a twist tiller! Game. Changer. It’s been a major back-saver and the claw reaches low enough to get the majority of the roots! I now use this about twice a year to keep our perennial beds grass free!

8. Heavy-Duty Soil Block Maker

A lot of gardeners are surprised to learn that there is a zero waste way to start your seeds without using plastic seedling plug trays! Soil block makers (aka: soil blockers) allow you to form tightly compressed squares of soil that you can use to start your seeds. These blocks have the added benefit of “air-pruning” the plant roots, which encourages better root growth and formation. I use the Ladbrooke Soil Blocker and love it! I have multiple sizes, but this 2″ soil blocker is my go-to! And it makes an amazing gift for the waste-conscious gardener!

9. Waterproof Seedling Heat Mats

In addition to grow lights, heat mats are another essential item for any gardener diving into the wonderful world of seed starting. Heat mats help keep soil at a consistent temperature so that seeds can germinate faster. I have used these heat mats for 5+ years and they drastically increase germination time for hot crops like tomatoes and peppers!

Big Ticket Garden Gifts ($50+)

**Click on any of the below product images to shop the item**

1. Water Bath Canning Starter Set

If there’s a gardener on your gift list who’s ready to dive into the world of canning, this is the perfect set to get them started! This water bath canner set has everything they need to start canning their own jams, jellies, pickles, tomato-products and other high-acid recipes. This is almost identical to the set I’ve been using for almost a decade now! It’s a great gift that will give them tons of joy (and canned food!) for years to come!

2. Vego Steel Garden Beds

This summer, I added these three gorgeous Vego Garden Beds to our outdoor living space and it was instant love! These beds come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, all made out of super-safe corrosion-resistant steel. I honestly was more impressed with these than I thought I would be. I’m a tough sell, but these were worth the investment! They are really, really well made! Plus, they were so easy to assemble and fill compared to other styles of DIY beds that we’ve made over the years. They are a 10/10 for me and I bet they will be for anyone on your gift list, too!

3. Garden Master Dehydrator

One of my must-have kitchen gadgets is my dehydrator! It’s one of the easiest ways to preserve the harvest – from fruits and berries to herbs and even meats! It’s truly one of the best tools a gardener can have! I always recommend the Nesco Garden Master Dehydrator which is the predecessor to the old school model I have – which is still going strong despite regular abuse! But, you also can’t go wrong with the Excalibur Dehydrator which is basically the Cadillac of dehydrators. Either model will be a winning gift for the gardener who wants to preserve more of their harvest!

4. Garden Scooter

This all-purpose garden scooter doubles as a cart and chair to keep you comfy while gardening! Lindy surprised me with one of these in 2016 and I still use it all the time! I love how the seat swivels in any direction, making it easier for me to reach my garden plants. The big rubber wheels are super durable and perfect for “off-roading” throughout the garden! Tie it up with a big red bow and it’ll make a perfect gift!

5. BCS Two-Wheel Tractor

If you really want to go big this Christmas and get off the naughty list, this 2-wheel tractor from BCS America is the ultimate garden helper! It’s a big purchase, but one that can have a big impact on your garden or homestead – especially if you garden on a large scale or have a market garden!

We purchased our BCS 2-wheel tractor this summer and I am so grateful for it! They are Italian-made and simple to operate. There are endless numbers of attachments too, from compost spreaders and carts to wood splitters, plows and tillers! They are a great alternative to a full-size tractor with a much more approachable price tag, too! This is a gift that will definitely be enjoyed for many, many years to come!


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