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40+ Delicious Recipes You Can Make with Green Tomatoes

Too many green tomatoes and not sure what to do with them all? These 40+ delicious recipes go way beyond fried green tomatoes and will make the most of your harvest!


It’s officially fall and I don’t know about you, but I still have a bunch of green tomatoes hanging out in my garden.  Because of our move, our garden got started late… embarrassingly late… as in, I was still planting on the 4th of July! 

So I knew that green tomatoes at the end of the season were going to be a reality! There are some tricks that can help ripen tomatoes faster, like pruning! So I’ve done everything I can. But, due to my late start planting, it’s inevitable that I will still have a lot of green tomatoes by the time the first frost comes.

So, what’s a girl to do?!  Eat them, of course!

40 Delicious recipes you can make with green tomatoes

Growing up in the West, fried green tomatoes are not a common delicacy.  In fact, the closest I’ve gotten to a fried green tomato is the movie.  But, with all these green tomatoes on my hands, it’s a perfect time to try out some recipes that make the most of my unripened harvest.

Green tomatoes are less juicy, not as sweet, and have a firmer texture than ripened tomatoes.  Despite being not fully ripened, green tomatoes still pack a good punch of B vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and even some protein so it would be a shame to see them wasted.

Part of this lifestyle is learning how to use your entire harvest, which may require getting creative from time to time. I scoured the internet for green tomato recipes that are both creative and delicious! These recipes go way beyond the traditional fried green tomato!  From relishes to soups and even casseroles and a bloody Mary recipe (say what?!)  these recipes are green tomato game changers! I can’t wait to try them out this season and put those green tomatoes to good use!

green tomato recipe

Variations on Fried Green Tomatoes:

Fried Green Tomato Fries: This recipe from ‘Make the Best of Everything’ is certainly doing just that with these breaded and baked green tomato fries!
Paleo Fried Green Tomatoes: Following a gluten free or Paleo diet?  These fried green tomatoes replace traditional flour with almond flour!
Fried Green Tomato Burgers: You can use this recipe to top your favorite burger with a fried green tomato or go meatless by replacing the burger patty with the fried tomatoes! Perfect for Meatless Monday! 
Oven-Fried Green Tomatoes: Not a fan of the mess and oil involved in frying tomatoes?  This recipe delivers crispy breaded green tomato that are baked, not fried!
Gluten Free Fried Green Tomatoes: This recipe uses quinoa flour for breading that is gluten fee and tastes just as good as the original!
Savory Corn & Green Tomato Cakes: This recipe uses green tomatoes to make delicious corn cakes that are fried until crispy and delicious!
Grilled Green Tomatoes: It may be Fall, but grilling season is still in full swing!  Try this recipe for marinating and grilling green tomato slices for a low-carb option!

Green Tomato Sauces:

Green Tomato Chutney: This chutney recipe is from one of my favorite canning websites, ‘Food in Jars’. What a delicious way to preserve those green tomatoes to enjoy over the winter months!
Spicy Green Tomato Vinaigrette: This vinaigrette looks crazy delicious!  It’s thick and creamy – perfect for topping salads and pastas!
Green Tomato Ketchup: This is an easy-to-make basic ketchup that can be canned and stored for use throughout the year!
Green Cherry Tomato Ketchup: This recipe combines unripe cherry tomatoes and apples to make a delicious, sweet ketchup that can be canned!
Green Tomato Marinara: This fresh marinara recipe is super simple to make and uses oven-roasted green tomatoes!
Green Tomato Pasta Sauce: This is a traditional pasta sauce recipe that replaces ripe tomatoes with green tomatoes! Yum!

Pickled & Fermented Green Tomatoes:

Pickled Green Tomato Salad: This pickled tomato salad adds a kick with a few jalapeños peppers!
Green Cherry Tomato Refrigerator Pickles: Unripe cherry tomatoes? Use this recipe to make easy refrigerator pickles!
Spicy Green Tomato Pickles: Turn up the heat and use the rest of your pepper harvest to make these spicy pickles!
Lacto-Fermented Green Tomatoes: The beautiful photos of these fermented green tomatoes are enough to make me hungry! This recipe look delicious!

Green Tomato Salsas & Relishes:

Roasted Green Tomato SalsaRoasting green tomatoes and peppers makes this fresh salsa easy to make for a quick topping or side dish!
Fresh Green Tomato Salsa: You can make this salsa in just ten minutes using a food processor and fresh ingredients!
Green Tomato Pico de Gallo: I love Pico!  My stomach definitely started growling when I found this recipe that is perfect for topping your favorite Mexican dish!
Green Tomato & Honeydew Salsa: If you still have some last season melons on the vine, try out this recipe using honeydew for a sweet salsa variation!
Green Tomato Enchilada Sauce: This enchilada sauce can be eaten fresh or canned to use over the winter!
Green Tomato Salsa Verde: This salsa verde replaces the traditional tomatillo with green tomatoes!
Green Tomato and Peach Salsa: This salsa looks as beautiful as it tastes!  Combining green tomatoes with ripe peaches makes the most of the late summer harvest!
Green Tomato Relish: Canning this relish let’s you enjoy it as a fresh, delicious topping it all winter long!

Green Tomato Jams & Jellies:

Green Tomato Pineapple Jam: Adding crushed pineapple creates a sweet and unexpected twist to traditional green tomato jam! 
Green Tomato and Chili Jelly: This pepper jelly is the perfect way to savor your garden fresh peppers and green tomatoes over the winter!
Green Tomato Jam with Ginger and Vanilla: Vanilla and ginger give this jam a sweet, warm flavor that is perfect for topping yogurt!
Gingerly Green Tomato & Vanilla Apple Jam: Fall apples paired with vanilla and ginger give this recipe a perfect fall flavor! 
Green Tomato Red Raspberry Jam: This is a very simple jam recipe that combines fresh berries with green tomatoes!

Green Tomato Soups & Stews:

Thai Green Tomato Soup: Frankly, this recipe had me at “Thai”.  I can’t wait to try this warm soup that uses simple, everyday ingredients!
Tangy Saucy Green Tomato Corn Soup with Lemongrass: This soup uses both green and red tomatoes and just screams “early fall deliciousness”!
Green Tomato Stew: This is not your traditional stew!  This recipe uses coconut milk and curry powder to create a creamy stew perfect for topping rice!
Mexican Green Tomato Garlic Soup: This spicy soup has major Tex-Mex flair!  I can’t wait to whip up a batch to enjoy while watching some Fall football!
Slow Cooker Green Tomato Garlic Chili: This chili replaces ripe tomatoes with green tomatoes and uses roasted garlic to enhance the flavor!

Way Beyond Fried Green Tomatoes…

Fried Green Tomato Pie with Remoulade Sauce: This pie would make a beautiful and savory Fall family meal! The Remoulade sauce gives it the perfect traditional fried green tomato flair!
Green Tomato Pie: If sweet pies are more to your liking, try this recipe for a green tomato pie that has all the flavor of an apple pie!
Green Tomato Muffins with Cheese: Perfect for breakfasts or as a side dish, these cheesy muffins look so fluffy and savory!
Green Tomato Skillet Bread: This bread is baked in a cast iron skillet and would be the perfect side dish for chilis and stews!
Green Tomato Bloody Mary: Surprise your friends and family with a green bloody Mary that is made with tomatillos and green tomatoes!

Preserving Green Tomatoes:

Canning Green Tomato Slices: If you’ve had your fill of green tomatoes by now, why not can the remaining tomatoes to use at a later date?
Freezing Green Tomato Slices: Freezing green tomatoes is easy and allows you to enjoy delicious green tomato recipes long after your tomato plants have gone for the winter!

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40+ delicious recipes you can make with green tomatoes



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