Fifty ideas to make money from your homestead, whether you want to generate a full-time income or a little cash on the side!

A lot of homesteaders, whether they live on a backyard farm or a full-sized homestead, want to find a way to make money from their homestead.  We work very hard on our homesteads and it would be great to be able to see some sort of a monetary return on our investments, right? We also produce some amazing products and skills and we want to be able to share those passions with others! Well, here’s the good news: There are many ways that you can make money from your homestead!

Whether your goal is to create a full-time income or just some extra side cash, it can be quite challenging when you first start out. However, it absolutely can be done! Prepare yourself for a lot of challenges and a lot of trial and error as you work to find a good process to produce profitable products. When you first start out, it can be helpful to try out different products and different marketing avenues until you find the one that works best for you.

These ideas are designed to jumpstart your brainstorming list of possible products and services that you can use to make money from your homestead. Always check with your local and state laws as you develop your products and services.


Money making ideas from animals & animal products

  1. Sell chicken eggs
  2. Sell duck eggs
  3. Sell quail eggs
  4. Sell chicks (consider specialty breeds like silkies)
  5. Sell fertilized eggs
  6. Sell meat chickens
  7. Sell ducklings
  8. Sell raw milk (if legal in your state)
  9. Make and sell cheese
  10. Make and sell yogurt
  11. Raise, breed and sell goat
  12. Raise, breed and sell small breed (or full-sized!) dairy cows
  13. Raise, breed and sell rabbits
  14. Raise, breed and sell lambs
  15. Raise, breed and sell fish (such as tilapia)
  16. Grow and sell composting worms (such as red worms) and worm farm starter kits
  17. Sell manure and aged compost
  18. Sell honey
  19. Sell herb-infused honeys
  20. Sell starter swarms
  21. Make and sell beehives
  22. Create custom organic grain and mineral mixes for livestock

50+ ways to make money from your homestead!

Money making ideas from your garden and property

  1. Sell extra produce at a farmer’s market or roadside stand (for more ideas of products you can sell, check out our post: Eighty-Five Things You Can Sell at a Farmer’s Market that aren’t Produce!)
  2. Grow a specialty crop and sell to local restaurants
  3. You-pick orchards
  4. You-pick berry patches
  5. You-pick pumpkin patches
  6. Sell berry starts
  7. Sell fruit tree starts
  8. Propagate and sell succulents
  9. Propagate and sell herbs such as rosemary and lavender
  10. Sell vegetable starts
  11. Start a CSA with friends, family and coworkers
  12. Grow and sell mushrooms
  13. Set up a small seasonal organic nursery
  14. Partner with local photographers and allow them to use your farm for photoshoots
  15. Allow organizations and individuals to host events (such as weddings) on your farm
  16. Harvest and sell firewood if you have wooded land
  17. Explore agritourism options, such as petting zoos, corn mazes and bed & breakfasts

50+ ways to make money from your homestead!


Money making ideas from services

  1. Hoof trimming services
  2. Garden planning services
  3. Garden and yard maintenance services
  4. Pet sitting/farm sitting services
  5. Offer educational classes (canning, gardening, aquaponics, knitting, etc.)

50+ ways to make money from your homestead!


Money making ideas for those who are handy with tools

  1. Make and sell chicken coops
  2. Make and sell chicken tractors
  3. Make and sell rabbit hutches
  4. Make and sell milking stanchions for goats
  5. Make and sell hay mangers for goats
  6. Make and sell raised garden boxes

50+ ways to make money from your homestead!


Money making ideas from handmade products

  1. Sell spun or raw wool
  2. Make and sell goat milk soaps and lotions
  3. Can and sell salsas and marinaras
  4. Can and sell jellies and jams
  5. Ferment and sell ciders, beers and wines
  6. Create and sell herbal tea blends
  7. Create and sell handmade craft items and hand-sewn items (wreaths, pallet signs, etc.)

For even more ideas, check out our post: Eighty-Five Things You Can Sell at a Farmer’s Market that aren’t Produce! We would love to hear your ideas for making money from your homestead – share in the comments below!

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