If you are looking for ways to expand your marketing options, or if you don’t have enough land to grow extra produce for the market, there are still plenty of options! These 85 non-produce products can make you a stand-out at your farmer’s market!

Backyard farming is about so much more than just veggies and fruit… and your farm stand should be too! Backyard farmers can produce an abundance of food and products using the items they grow.  Even if you are limited to a small garden space, you aren’t limited to the amount of amazing products you can create!

A little creativity can go a long way in impressing your customers with high quality, hand crafted and locally sourced products. After all, t’s not just about the fruits and veggies anymore! Make your farm stand the talk of the market this year with these 85 drool-worthy product ideas!

These 85 non-produce products can make you a stand-out at your farmer's market!

Always check your state and local regulations regarding the marketing and sale of cottage foods and other handmade goods. If you have questions, check with the good folks at your local extension office. 

  1. Fresh eggs (chicken, duck, quail)
  2. Raw milk (check with state restrictions)
  3. Raw honey
  4. Honeycomb
  5. Beeswax
  6. Cut flowers
  7. Lavender
  8. Dried herbs
  9. Veggie starter plants
  10. Hanging baskets
  11. Dried gourds for crafting and decoration
  12. Dried glass gem corn for crafting and decoration
  13. Dried beans
  14. Nuts and seasoned nut mixes
  15. Dried edible seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, quinoa), seasoned or raw
  16. Potted flowers
  17. Berry starts
  18. Potted medicinal herb plants
  19. Mistletoe, holly boughs and pine boughs (great for Christmas markets!)
  20. Loose leaf herbal tea blends
  21. Soaps
  22. Lotions
  23. Chapsticks
  24. Homemade bread
  25. Homemade pies and pastries
  26. Homemade jellies and jams
  27. Homemade BBQ sauce85 awesome things you can sell at a farmer's market
  28. Fresh or canned salsa
  29. Herb & salt blends
  30. Smoked fish
  31. Fresh squeezed lemonade
  32. Fresh-squeezed and bottled juice
  33. Hand-pressed apple cider
  34. Homemade wine
  35. Dried medicinal herb blends
  36. Canned marinara sauce
  37. Fresh pesto
  38. Popcorn or kettle corn
  39. Herbal salves
  40. Herbal tinctures
  41. Homemade extracts (vanilla, orange, lemon, etc.)
  42. Heirloom seeds
  43. Fresh floral wreaths
  44. Seed bombs
  45. Beeswax candles
  46. Home-roasted coffee beans
  47. Home-roasted nuts and seeds
  48. Homemade fudge
  49. Homemade granola bars
  50. Homemade jerky
  51. Homemade fruit leather85 awesome things you can sell at a farmer's market
  52. Dehydrated fruit
  53. Mushrooms
  54. Shitake mushroom inoculated logs
  55. Freeze-dried fruit and veggies
  56. Olive oil infused with fresh herbs
  57. Homemade apple cider vinegar
  58. Dried sage smudge sticks
  59. Homemade applesauce
  60. Homemade ketchup
  61. Canned pie fillings
  62. Carnivorous plants
  63. Succulent gardens
  64. Fairy gardens
  65. Bonsai trees
  66. Flower bulbs
  67. Worm hotels for vermicomposting
  68. Homemade compost tea
  69. Hand-built bee boxes
  70. Hand-built raised garden beds and window boxes
  71. Homemade almond milk
  72. Fresh yogurt
  73. Fresh cheese
  74. Homemade kefir and kefir starter
  75. Kombucha 85 awesome things you can sell at a farmer's market
  76. Spun and dyed wool
  77. Natural coffee creamers from fresh milk
  78. Herbal bath salts
  79. Aloe vera and aloe plants
  80. Homemade nut butters
  81. Homemade butter with fresh herbs
  82. Homemade salad dressings with fresh herbs
  83. Infused vinegars
  84. Fresh guacamole
  85. Seasoned kale and zucchini chips

What are you selling this year at the farmer’s market? We want to hear!  Share in the comments below! 

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