Over the past 3 years, we’ve worked hard to create our dream home & homestead in Idaho! Today, I’m sharing all the before & after photos!

Now that we are officially moving and leaving our Idaho homestead (all the deets here!), it’s time to take a quick moment to celebrate all the work we’ve done here. And what better way to do that than with a before & after photo tour?!

When we bought our homestead, it was overgrown, smelly, dirty and in very rough shape. I still gag just remembering how putrid everything smelled! Honestly, the “Before” pictures in this post don’t do justice to the level of “eww” that this place was. They certainly don’t capture all the little issues we experienced – like the wasps and bees that had taken up residence in the kitchen wall!

I think a lot of people thought we’d gone crazy when we bought this place. Heck, there were times that I thought we’d gone crazy! And living in what felt like a constant a construction zone for the first two years really didn’t help! But, buying a fixer-upper is an experience unlike any other! I’ve never been as proud of anything as I am of this place. Honestly, we’ve loved every moment of it. And now that we are leaving, it actually feels strange to be officially “finished” with all the projects!

I’m so excited to finally share pictures of all the projects we’ve been working on over the last three and half years! I think that the pictures show the very dramatic difference that a lot of love and sweat equity can make! Honestly, if we can do it, so can you! And here’s why:

  • We did about 90% of the projects ourselves. We hired out some electrical work and the plumbing work when we had the water and sewer lines replaced. We also had a handyman do the bathroom remodel for us.
  • We didn’t do any massive renovations to the home. We didn’t blow out any walls or change the footprint of the house at all. Honestly, the upgrades we did were all things that everyday people (just like us!) can do!
  • We saved our pennies and paid cash for all of the upgrades and renovations . This allowed us to build equity in our home without increasing our mortgage or debt amount.
  • We used salvaged and repurposed materials whenever possible to save money and be good stewards of our resources (learn more about how we salvage materials here). Obviously, this is a little easier outside because there are so many salvageable materials that can be used for landscaping. For instance: our perennial garden area was made using only free materials, the pathway in the chicken yard was made from free stone that was being thrown away, and even our wood storage area and goat feeding barn were framed with repurposed lumber. Indoors, things like tile were purchased secondhand from stores like ReStore, which also saved us a lot of money.

For all of you just starting the fixer-up process: I guarantee it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

The Homestead: Before & After

Garden Areas:

  • Created entertainment center in the middle of the garden with weed mat, bark and stock tank pool
  • Renovated and re-filled raised garden beds (full details here)
  • Created perennial garden area with herbs, fruit trees, grapes and  small wildlife pond
  • Installed watering system in perennial garden
  • Installed pathways, seating area and pergola in perennial garden
  • Rebuilt and insulated rabbit hutches

Perennial Garden Area: Fall 2016 vs. Summer 2019

Vegetable Garden Area: Summer 2016 vs. Summer 2019

Vegetable Garden Area: Summer 2016 vs. Summer 2019

Barns & Pasture Areas:

  • Built hay barn and adjacent wood storage area
  • Fenced pasture, installed gates, adjusted pen layout and created kidding pen (more here!)
  • Resided barns
  • Built “feeding station” addition onto the small goat barn
  • New siding on milk parlor and added insulated kidding pen area
  • Created back driveway area to access barns and pasture

Hay Barn: Summer 2016 vs. Winter 2020

Milk Parlor: Fall 2016 vs. Winter 2020

Goat Barn: Summer 2016 vs. Summer 2019

Yard Areas:

  • Cleaned & painted chicken coops
  • Renovated flower bed areas (more about that here!)
  • Installed stone paths from recycled materials (details here!)
  • Painted shed
  • Created outdoor living area with deck and pergola

Chicken Yard: Summer 2016 vs. Summer 2019

Chicken Coop: Summer 2016 vs. Summer 2019

Storage Shed & Outdoor Living Area: Summer 2016 vs. Summer 2019

The Home: Before & After

Home Exterior:

  • Removed & replaced front deck
  • Removed broken screen doors & painted wood doors
  • Upgraded door handles and locks
  • Built shutters
  • Renovated flower beds

House: Summer 2016 vs. Winter 2020

Living Room:

  • Installed laminate flooring
  • Painted walls, ceilings and trim

Summer 2016 vs. Winter 2020

Summer 2016 vs. Winter 2020


  • Had all plumbing and water lines replaced and updated
  • Removed laminate countertops and replaced with quartz
  • Painted cabinets, replaced hardware (knobs) added bead-board to the front of the uppers & crown molding.
  • Adjusted the height of the upper cabinets
  • Removed upper cabinets above stove & replaced with handmade wood shelves
  • Added handmade wood shelves in dining area
  • Replaced exhaust hood over stove
  • Stained & refinished wood ceiling
  • Replaced dining light and ceiling fan
  • Added under-cabinet lights and accent lights above sink
  • Installed garbage disposal
  • Installed farmhouse sink and new faucet hardware
  • Removed and replaced tile backsplash
  • All new appliances
  • Painted walls

Summer 2016 vs. Winter 2020

Summer 2016 vs. Winter 2020

Summer 2016 vs. Winter 2020



  • New Paint
  • Removed vinyl floor and replaced with tile
  • Replaced vanity, light, exhaust fan, sink fixtures & tub fixtures.
  • Had all the plumbing (water & sewer) lines replaced and updated
  • Removed & replaced shower tile
  • Installed new tile backsplash above sink
  • More details on the bathroom renovation here

Summer 2016 vs. Winter 2020


  • Replaced shelves
  • New paint
  • Had water lines replaced
  • Safety repairs made to water heater

Summer 2016 vs. Winter 2020


  • Removed carpet & installed laminate flooring
  • Replaced baseboards
  • Paint
  • Installed storage unit in master closet

Summer 2016 vs. Winter 2020

Summer 2016 vs. Winter 2020

Summer 2016 vs. Winter 2020


Do you have a fixer-up home and homestead too? Tell us about it in the comments!

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